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Pottsville Kitchen with Fire Damage Gets Restoration

Fire damage caused by protein fires like the one in this Pottsville kitchen often does not look like much damage occurred. However, the fire ruined the stove af... READ MORE

Pottsville Training Facility has Commercial Water Damage

A boxing training facility in Pottsville had significant water damage from a pipe break in the ceiling. A large amount of water covered the floor, equipment and... READ MORE

Pottsville Roof Leak After Storm Damage

This home in Pottsville had a small scale roof leak after storm damage to the roof. SERVPRO technicians performed temporary repairs to the roof by using a tarp ... READ MORE

Marlin Family Room with Water Damage Gets Rapid Response from SERVPRO

SERVPRO techs arrived at a large area of water damage in this Marlin home. The water came from above and a large portion of the ceiling required removal. The te... READ MORE

Kempton Basement Gets the Worst of Storm Damage

When intense weather rolled through the area, this basement in Kempton received storm damage that required water extraction and specialized drying methods to li... READ MORE

Orwigsburg Dishwasher Malfunction Causes Water Damage

If you ever wondered how much water your dishwasher could potentially spill on the kitchen floor, an Orwigsburg home received water damage from a dishwasher res... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Pottsville Office Building

Commercial water damage at this Pottsville office building was the result of a broken water line within the walls. Timing is critically important when it comes ... READ MORE

Water Damage In Orwigsburg

Call our crew after your Orwigsburg home experiences a water damage disaster. Our water damage technicians are ready 24/7 to respond to your call. Our swift res... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Pottsville

If your Pottsville restaurant, hotel, apartment building, large retail store, or small office building experiences a water damage disaster, we can help! Our wat... READ MORE

Pottsville Storm and Water Damage

Snow thaws and can lead to water damage in Pottsville area homes during the wintertime. When standing water is allowed to soak into pinewood flooring for severa... READ MORE